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39 photos A Drop in the Bucket…The Big Dreams of Tiny Things – written and directed by Donovan Zimmerman & Jan Burger…music composed by Jennifer Curtis & performed by Jennifer Curtis, Alan Best, Eric Andrew Kuhn, Peter Lewis and Robbie Link accompanied by a cast of 20 puppeteers.
The performance begins with a drop of rain…drops of rain…..The life of a drop of water…where a drop goes…and finally into a bucket and beyond…from there you go to Tiny Town…could be Pittsboro, could be any town and the issues surrounding growth…and then, to CHILDHOOD…this was the most moving piece for me…the memories of children as they go through life…we can all relate to this. You’ll remember things you did as a child and more importantly, how you thought about things like death, you’d first hesitate about something…then do it!How we are all more alike than different. The stories would also slip into shadow boxes as performance…..a wonderful way to tell a story; continue a story…very moving.
And then, what we all wanted to see, the Owls and other birds gracefully sweeping the stage with wings as wide and big as a house… When they came into the audience at the end of the show, a big gasp could be heard by the audience. Children were drawn like magnets to them, touching them…this is the stuff of magic for a child; you could see it in their eyes; it was priceless.

Equally amazing was the music that accompanied the entire show composed by Jennifer Curtis and performed vigorously and tirelessly by 5 musicians playing a variety of instruments. BEAUTIFUL music! Oh my….I’d get lost in the music and vocals concurrently.
The performers were outstanding…one minute they’d be singing solos, the next, playing a part as a 6 yr old kid, the next part of the Owl Interlude parading into the audience.
We are fortunate to have the gift of the Paperhand Puppet crew working tirelessly year round in a small studio in Saxapahaw, NC on all aspects of this production: writing the story, acting, singing, dancing, doing major physical moves, singing, designing and making costumes, making paper mache puppets with an amazing impact on our hearts.

Thank you Paperhand Puppet Intervention!

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