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A Huge crowd of support showed up on behalf of UNC Chancelor Holden Thorp. Chapel Hill & Carrboro Mayors, UNC faculty & staff & the student body were all there to let Chancelor Thorp know how much we appreciate all he has done for UNC.
Holden ThorpMayor Mark Chilton Carrboro & Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt speak in support of ThorpEverybody singing "Hark the Sound" UNC School SongNotes to HoldenSupporters:  Students, Faculty, Staff, CommunityNotes to HoldenMusic SupportThank you for EverythingA Special Note to Holden ThorpStudentsSupportersUNC StudentsSupport for Holden ThorpHolden ThorpMusical SupportThank you in a thousand waysThanksHolden Thorp

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