Kim Hawks Photography | The Swang Brothers - 12-21-2014 @ The Blue Note Grill
Created 31-Dec-14
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Sunday @ 5pm isn't exactly a day and time you'd expect a sell-out crowd, but that was the case on this Sunday before Christmas. Standing room only. Food was flowing from the Blue Note grills, & the Swang Brothers warmed the room with high energy tunes. They filled the dance floor on the first song; it's like the dancers were hovering, waiting, for the first note. This local Carrboro/Chapel Hill/Pittsboro band brings a big crowd of fans where ever they play.
The Swang BrothersFJ Ventre, bass & David Quick, guitarEric Peterson, guitar & David Quick, guitarFJ VentreEric Peterson & David QuickDavid QuickFJ VentreEric PetersonFJ VentreFJ Ventre & David QuickEric PetersonFJ VentreEric PetersonDavid QuickEric PetersonFJ VentreEric PetersonEric PetersonDavid QuickEric Peterson

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