Kim Hawks Photography | Macro Flowers: Looking into the Soul of a Flower: The Secret Life of Plants
Created 13-Jul-12
114 photos

I'm especially drawn to the magic inside a flower. With only the naked eye, there's a level of beauty many miss. When I stick my camera inside a flower, I'm fascinated by the intricate details of magic & beauty that occur on this intimate level. I hope you enjoy these images.
Barrel CactusShasta DaisyTree RootsOyster MushroomIris dropsGinger LilySwamp SunflowerBarrel CactusSofia's orchidTybee's RoseOriental LilyconeflowerHydrangeaBig Leaf Magnolia - Magnolia macrophyllaYucca in RainIris up closeMagnolia petalCurly-Q on Fall DaisyIris

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