Kim Hawks Photography | The Swang Brothers @ UCLACC
Created 23-Feb-13
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UCLACC: Upper Chatham, Lower Alamance Community Center. UCLACC is one of the most welcoming places I have ever been. It’s a funky house of fun and play, made unique by the warm people who give it life. The fact that it's close to my home out in the country is a great perk but that’s secondary; it’s the warm vibe & live music by local musicians that brings me back every time.
FJ & MarilynDavid Quick, guitar & vocalsEric Peterson, bass and slideFJ Ventre, bass & David Quick, guitar & vocals"You talking to me?"  FJ VentreDavid QuickYes, that's Marilyn in the backgroundThe Swang BrothersEric Peterson

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