KERRY P. HODGE(non-registered)
Carol Kroll(non-registered)
Your photography is exquisite, Kim! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift!
Suzanne Edney(non-registered)
Hey there, seeing you and visiting there Gallaway exhibit at Fearrington in Pittsboro was such a treat. Your photos are exquisite. There is not much to add to that word. But I must say your eye and skill with the camera are unmatched. The colors especially are stunning. Coming from a black and white purist training I really appreciate how you seem to keep that esthetic in the spare use of color with a just the pop of the water lily and the marbleized water and reed shot. The wave is amazing. I could almost hear the crashing of the water. It was interesting that the open room of the gym being right there made the echoes of the treadmills into the hallway sound like the ocean waves.
You looked fantastic and I'm sorry I didn't whip out my iPhone for a photo of you and your friends. How great they were there. I never knew about that venue in Pittsboro.
Which camera are you using for your works and which one will you be suggesting for a novice photographer. I am very interested in wildlife photography and have worked on small projects, which were focused on the local flora and fauna.
Brian hershberger(non-registered)
Dear Kim, what a remarkable gift you have. Life is only meaningful when we bring meaning to it. If you sit around waiting for the meaning to come to you, you will eventually die from waiting. It requires us all to initiate mindfulness, to see the miraculous within the normal we encounter every day. Capturing that meaning in a static way draws our attention to those attributes that might otherwise be overlooked. One frame at a time you have collectively captured those things around us that when viewed thru your lense take on immense meaning. That trasmit joy, sorrow, elation, sympathy, empathy, love and kindness. First that understanding must be acknowledged in the artists eye, captured with the artists skill, and revealed on the artists medium. You are masterful. What a blessing to have met you, spoken with you and now be exposed to your eye of our world. What an astounding vision. Our lives are better seen thru your vision. I feel tremendously blessed. Most sincerely, Brian
Ginny Weiler(non-registered)
Dearest Kim... You rock and so do your photos!!! I was so delighted to find your site and view your images for the first time.. Your images are luminous and rich in detail and form.
linda murray(non-registered)
Kim's Photography is not to glance at , but to be still and discover the beauty of the world we share., As she has obviously has. It encourages me to do the same ---- Kim captures it for us to hold.
Jenny Collins(non-registered)
Kim. You are amazing. I love these photos. We all benefit from your wonderful eye for color and content.
Linda Smith(non-registered)
WOW! Even more stunning every time I see these! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work! Love it!
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