Kim Hawks Photography | Apache Pier, Myrtle Beach, SC: The longest pier on the east coast
Created 21-Aug-15
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This is the longest wooden pier on the eastern coast. It's 1, 206' long & 25 - 35' deep at the end. It opened in 1993. It has a lovely pavillion up top where bands perform. What a great place to perform or enjoy live music!!! There are a couple separate "rooms" to fish from. On the ground, looking through the legs, it goes on and on forever.....WOW!!!
the longest wooden pier on the east coast.Bands play under the yellow dome.The longest pier on the E. coast....goes on and on.....Voted the "Coolest Place" in SCI love this perspective of the ocean.Feeling the pier sway a little....I'm more a part of the vast ocean than the land.Music StageArea designated for live music.AmazingPassing time on the pier with friends.From Fayetteville, NC these friends come down to fish often.A bad day fishing is better than.....Hanging out over the water.....The beginnings of a fisherman.View looking back from the end of the pier.

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