Kim Hawks Photography | Bill Satterwhite aka The Blue Bird Man @ the JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, NC 11-15-2014
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Blue birds are much more plentiful in this area thanks to Bill Satterwhite, aka the Blue Bird Man in Raleigh. His interest and devotion to bluebirds has increased the blue bird population in the triangle area. He loves to teach others about blue bird habitat, how to build blue bird boxes & setting up blue bird trails throughout Raleigh, in city & county parks, schools, golf courses etc. I spent a Saturday afternoon walking around with Bill and his son Charles. Bill was checking up on the blue bird trail he created in the JC Raulston Arb. He continues to maintain the blue bird trails he’s created with the help of volunteers. If interested in blue birds, check out the NC Bluebird Society; they publish a great bluebird newsletter.
Bill checked every bluebird house on the trail.  He cleaned out old nestsThere are many styles of blue bird housesLast year's nestAs houses age out, Bill installs a new house.Bill & his son Charles doing a new installAdvice from a blue bird: "Rise early.  Spread a little happiness.  Be colorful. The sky's the limit."Bill SatterwhiteBill & Charles

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