Kim Hawks Photography | Sunset
Created 23-Feb-13
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During the 30 – 40 minutes of sunsets a cacophony of sound & activity ensued. Swirling, swarming, travel right, circle back & on cue, thousands of birds flushed out of the field like an ominous black storm cloud complete with rumbling thunder. The stimulation was intense throughout my body. I was in awe, speechless & humbled.
The sounds resembled what I envision an Indian gathering would sound & feel like: loud, squawking, swarming birds (Indians shouting), wings flapping (drums beating), & feathers flapping. I wondered if Indians heard the birds in this setting & adopted the birds’ sunset activity during various ceremonial rituals. High on adrenalin I was reminded I am a visitor in their world.
Sunset RitualSunset MagicSwirling & SwarmingTundra Swans gatheringEasing down for landingThey keep flying inAlmost there...They're always the last onesWhere are they going now?Tundra Swans swarming inWhat are you having for dinner?Always togetherI need some space please!Twilight

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