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Created 2-Nov-15
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What I loved about the Kidz Area was kids were allowed to be in charge and do pretty much whatever they wanted to do. It felt like they owned the space. There were adults there watching over the booths, but I loved how the adults took a back seat and let the kids run and do as they pleased in the kids area. Parents could drop the kids off and go do something else, or could be a part of the Kids Scene.
Lots of activities for Kids all weekend longWheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!Face Painting: Kidz Rulethe kids ran the face-painting boothsFamily TimePainting FrisbeesWow!!!Ticket BoothSo much to exploreShakori Grassroots VanNon-stop busy at this booth"Spinning Poi"Yours Truly "spinning poi"The Purple LadyBlaise and Cathy; 2 kids in adult bodies

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