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Created 9-Apr-14
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In North Carolina, we are more than ready for spring...the beauty, the warmth, the sunshine. This past winter, we had an especially brutal winter in central NC; ice storms brought trees & power lines down by the dozens. A couple snow storms closed down schools and businesses for the better part of Feb and early March. The sweetness of Spring is just arriving. Blue birds are dashing back and forth; spring peepers peep at nite; frogs are serenading in my garden, spring ephemerals come and go.
Spring Greens in Chatham County, NCCherry blossom flurries predicted 4/3/2014...a dusting of pink petals covers the ground.Spring in Piedmont ForestsHaw River, Chatham County, NCThe shaggy bark of White OakBeech Tree in Piedmont Forest, Orange County, Chapel Hill, NCHaw River, Chatham County, NCSquirrel FamilyIris cristata - Dwarf Crested IrisTulip MagnoliaNarcissus - Delicious Fragrance!NarcissusHouse for rent; includes a bird friendly garden!Japanese Maple UnfurlingBlue Bearded IrisFamilies in the WoodsStar Magnolia - Magnolia stellataThe color of spring green can be found in many places...

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