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Created 25-Feb-14
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Local musicians collaborated to create a concert to celebrate the Beatles by singing/performing many of their songs.The significance of the date? It was the 50 year anniversary the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Remember that? My sister and I do. It was a moving, memorable, emotional and transformative evening. Some songs brought tears to my eyes. Sold out concert. The connectedness, the thread between the musicians and the audience.....a very tight bond for the 3 or so hours of that concert...and we all parted, never to forget this magical evening. Thank you Danny Gotham for hosting and organizing this event! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! to all the musicians & people behind the scenes that planned, practiced & created this magical night. View videos by Steve Haughton @ http:/​/​www.​soundstreet.​us/​videos/​fab-​four-​at-​fifty-​beatles-​tribute-​videos-​02092014-​cats-​cradle-​carrboro/​
Laura Thomas, violin & Josh Starmer, celloCraig Dittmar & Angie SantiagoSold out concertRob Sharer & Danny GothamEmma DavisHarry TuetingAlan HeckleRob SharerJefferson HardtJeffrey Dean FosterKeith BuckleyLance WhiteZuzu WelshChildren from Central Park Elementary School in Durham, NCMicah Marhoul & Danny GothamMike Babyak & Steve EisenstadtNancy Middleton

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